Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The sadness in your smile.

There is a sadness in your eyes the belies that beautiful smile, a smile that could light a million candles in one swift swoop. Where does the sadness come from? You seem to love life, people clamour to be around you and laughter fills the air wherever your presence is shared, but that sadness glares at me when I look into your eyes.

If I told I love you would it make it better? Would the sadness disappear? I tell you everyday I love you though, I just don't get it. You are beautiful and unique, everyone tells you, I just wish you could see it. Feel it. Believe it. How did you get to this place of despair and loss? Something like this doesn't just "happen", it happens over many years and through many situations. Please talk to me, you'll feel better.

Take a walk, breathe in the fresh air and watch people as they go about their daily duties. It will take your mind off things, off of your sadness, off of you. What did you say? "Behind my smile is everything you'll never understand." Try me, I have lived too, I mean, I am looking right at you, I'm here, let me understand.

Fine. Don't answer me, don't take my advice or help, it's your life. Whatever. I keep trying to tell you that you are loved, that I love you, but you just don't hear it or maybe you refuse to hear it. Are you that damaged or are you just simply oblivious to what it is that you bring to this world, this sadness or whatever it is, is destroying all the goodness in your life. You have to stop this. Please stop this. Please. It is breaking my heart.

Reflections are the hardest thing to see sometimes.