Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner - Made This Way.

Bruce & Diane.

Just watched the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer, WOW.

The courage and strength that (s)he has had to find is beyond belief. It really does echo what I wrote a few days ago via this blog in regards to understanding the fabric of ones soul. The fact that (certain) people feel that it is their right to "out" and "vilify" him only exemplifies the society we live in, one where we think we are so accepting, but in reality we just want the prime seats for the "freak show".

I have witnessed violence and verbal slaying towards transgendered people here in Brazil, and of course towards myself and other gay and lesbian people more times than I can remember, "it comes with the territory" is what I had told myself for the majority of my life. Not any more. Why should people have to live with these heinous acts towards other human beings based on their gender or sexual identity ( I don't use preference as it's not a "preference" or "choice", its how I was made) we have laws now in most countries that protect the rights of women, race and even religious freedom, why not for everyone? Is it a crime to assume the correct gender? Is it a crime to love another consenting adult? No and No. So why then as a society do we spew so much vitriol towards certain members of our communities the world over and for no apparent reason?

Fear and ignorance. There will be a day that society's sometimes narrow mind starts to broaden even more, history has already shown us this broadening of acceptance with the changes in attitudes towards to race, religion and the rights of women, but we still have a long way to go. Next time you see a gay couple holding hands or a transgendered person, take time to remember that they are exactly like you, individuals living their life the only way they know how, as themselves.

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