Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Then, I saw you.

I saw you, ethereal and dressed in white,
Watching me as I rest, only just last night.

At first I was scared and thought it to be a dream,
You reassured me that everything was just as it may seem.

You took me to a place full of people crying and in sorrow,
When I asked what this meant, you told me I will understand all tomorrow.

As clear as you presented yourself to me,
The events that followed would be put down in history.

I spoke of what I saw and knew, something I shouldn't have done,
You warned me that people would laugh at me, thinking I was nothing more than dumb.

It was good to see you, to feel your hand on mine,
Something I had been longing for, something that always kept me in line.

I wish I could see you just one more time,
to tell you I love you and that I'm doing just fine.

Maybe I'll get one more chance just to say hi,
But for now my love, I must painfully say goodbye.

Saturday, November 19, 2016



For some it is the end of one journey and the commencement of another.

A sigh of relief for some. No more pain, uncertainty or the need to fight.

Fear for many, something that is taught by the books from a young age.

Tears for those left behind. Memories of moments shared, laughter that made your belly hurt and the joy of love, friendship or just being in their presence.

Sadness, coupled with a smile, a shudder of disbelief and the reality of a new chapter that begins now.

The urgency to make every moment count, that as we take that last breath, it is those very memories that will carry us all through to wherever or whenever we may meet again.

For all, a reminder that we are all mortal. That every single second matters.

Death, a place to rest.