Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Don't be fooled by the colour of my skin,
I have seen and felt mankinds worst of sins.

Hate does not belong to a colour, religion or race,
seldom does the receiver ever recognise his or her face.

The way I was born has created so much hate and fear,
to walk with pride is something I now hold true, honest and dear.

I shuddered, cried and cleansed my wounds for all to see,
When do I get my day, the one I can say that I am truly free.

Those books that preach the rules for all those that follow,
How much more of this do we need to endure and swallow?

Why is peace, respect and equality afforded to those that conform,
I am never, nor will I ever be, what you consider to be the standard or norm.

Debates on my life and my rights are aired daily for all to discuss and see,
Again, I ask the simplest of questions, when will I be allowed to simply just be?