Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Don't be fooled by the colour of my skin,
I have seen and felt mankinds worst of sins.

Hate does not belong to a colour, religion or race,
seldom does the receiver ever recognise his or her face.

The way I was born has created so much hate and fear,
to walk with pride is something I now hold true, honest and dear.

I shuddered, cried and cleansed my wounds for all to see,
When do I get my day, the one I can say that I am truly free.

Those books that preach the rules for all those that follow,
How much more of this do we need to endure and swallow?

Why is peace, respect and equality afforded to those that conform,
I am never, nor will I ever be, what you consider to be the standard or norm.

Debates on my life and my rights are aired daily for all to discuss and see,
Again, I ask the simplest of questions, when will I be allowed to simply just be?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Masculinity, what is it?

Never a man enough for you,
Unsure of how to act or what to do.

You turned your back and lied to me,
Leaving me alone, scared and unable to see.

The difference you loathed and feared so much,
Was the thing that would eventually become my crutch.

Be a man you would yell and always say,
Don't show them you're a faggot, poofter or even gay.

Closed eyes, not wanting to see who I truly am,
Instead criticizing me, pushing me away from our clan.

Punched, kicked and beaten to my very core,
It seemed through all this, you disowned me more and more.

I needed you, your words, your guidance, your love,
Not a day went by that I wished god would take me to the safety above.

Masculinity, who or what does it even truly mean?
I have seen an ideal; boring, baseless, almost like a smokescreen.

Those that have have had a supportive Father walk with pride,
Those like me, that have gone without, simply learnt how to cower and hide.

To be a man means more than being macho, big and grand,
It's loving those around you, being honest and always taking a stand.

Masculinity, what is it?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Eyes full of pain upon a face that has barely lived,
No one notices you, no one cares who you are or what you have to give.

Staring at the people in front of you, the ones you so long to be,
You stare so hard, with so much passion, but you my darling, they will never see.

They laugh at you now, make fun of you and always push you away,
It won't be long now, before this is just a memory of yet another horrible day.

Youth is wasted on those that know no better or with whom have little care,
Never listen to the negativity, remember what I told you: walk with pride, walk with flare.

You are beautiful menina.

Friday, January 13, 2017


You were just a child when you had me,
A girl, not yet a woman, and now with a baby.

Alone, unsure and now raising two,
If anyone was going to succeed, it was surely to be you.

I never understood the struggles you faced,
Each and everyday seemed like a brand new race.

Your temper as fierce as your beauty,
Nothing could stop you and your enduring sense of duty.

I tried and tested you until the very end,
Yet through it all, you are my one true friend.

My hero, my inspiration and all that I love,
Those that have passed, watch with pride up above.

You are the one I call Mother,
The only one I have, unlike any other.