Sunday, October 21, 2012


I met a lady recently who told me that she believes that everyone can sing, they just need to learn some breathing techniques, lots of practice and off you go. Hmmm. I mean sure, I step into my glass "recording studio" every morning and night and belt out classics from Stevie, Whitney and Aretha, and the acoustics are nothing short of amazing. I should add that my glass "recording studio" also goes by the name of "shower". Very powerful acoustics, especially if you have high water pressure.

So, with this new found information I am thinking that I just may have what it takes to fulfil my life long dream of being a back up singer, equipped with tambourine and finger clicking, arm extended dance moves. I mean, can it only take the above things, coupled with loads of practice? At a recent concert, Macy Gray told me that she saw me in the crowd swinging and swaying with all my rhythm, surely that must account for something in conjunction with vocal rhythm? Maybe not.

Being the music obsessed person that I am, I have decided to put that notion to the test and undertake lessons and really observe if this is in fact true. That's right people, I am about to undertake my first singing lesson in a LONG, LONG time and I am PETRIFIED. I am going to see a lady that is very well respected in the music business and I have made her promise me that should I be a complete and utter fuck up, we put it down to experience, get some food and drink my vocal sorrows away. Fair deal I think. 

Stay tuned for some more musical ramblings... or not.