Thursday, March 6, 2014


Words are amazing things. A group of letters that when spoken, written or signed, can have such powerful meanings, both good and bad. Sometimes they are so amazing that we can't let go of them, revisiting them over and over again looking for new and beautiful ways to love each and every one of them. But sadly, the same can be said for the negative. They can cut so deep that we again, keep revisiting them over and over again, holding onto to things that may never have been meant, interpreting things in our own way and even sometimes, ending with fatal consequences.

Of late there have been a few people that say my words are tinged with sadness or despair. I am a writer, I guess that comes with the territory, that thing about sufferance etc. I prefer to not use the word "suffer" as I am not a victim, rather I am a citizen of the world that may see things a little different to you, maybe with a touch more sensitivity to what is going on around me, you, us, the world.

Today I was told by a friend that she could see a boy in me. Someone with so much love, so much compassion for others, but someone that needed to be treated well. Hmmm. Treated well. The journey I have put myself on recently has shown me in so many ways that this treatment must begin with me. Something that I can truly say has commenced. Finally. She also mentioned something that I found fascinating, "To make your deep seed start to come as you really are, not the way the world made you". Intense. Again, its those words, all of them together forming a powerful sentence that just can not be ignored.

Maybe I have been looking at things in a one dimensional way for to long. I always prided myself on not being this way, but sometimes we need to stop and realise that we really have not been seeing things the way they need to be seen, through our eyes and not the rest of the worlds. Words like free spirited, enlightened and heightened are something we associate with a religious connotation, yet in reality, they are all things they we strive for, need or even yearn, no matter what our belief system(s) are.

For some the journey is short, way to short. For others, it can seem like a never ending sea of emotions, struggle and many times, heart ache coupled with the misunderstanding of the words that are given to them. Today is a new day, a day to listen or look at those words that are spoken, written or signed and understand exactly what they mean and the intent that goes with them. To look through your eyes and not what has been conditioned in your head, to listen with your ears and not take on board the gentle whispers of others around you, and should you have the ability, to touch those words with your hands and feel them in only a way that you can. After all, words are just a group of letters bunched together for us to somehow communicate. What we do with those words is entirely up to us.