Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Selfie Love or Selfie Loathe?

Selfies, everyone's doing them - even the dead.

So, I have been pondering the great question of the last year, "How many selfies is too much?".

I have been prone to a selfie or ten at intermittent times over the last year or so and find myself now looking at other peoples profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr wondering when it does become to much and what are the reasons we feel the need to catch every moment that you are lying down on a bed face up, looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein, pulling a face with your tongue out or trying to re enact a scene from some soft core porn magazine, again on your bed or the loungeroom floor, which ever is cleaner at the time of the "Shoot".

Is it insecurity? Maybe it is genuine self love and the need to share these images with all two thousand + followers (80% of whom appear to be spam with names like Brandi Cox and Fila Meup - actual followers of mine, I kid you not), or maybe it is something far more simple, boredom.

With the recent addition of 15 second videos to Instagram, I have been besieged with videos of people smiling like zombies for the entire 15 seconds, asking questions like "who was your favourite character on Roseanne ?" (or any any other show that finished pre 2000) and my personal favourite, people working out in the gym - AKA "Healthies". Like I don't already feel like shit for not remembering who my favourite character was on Roseanne or not having gone to the gym for months, now I have to face this in 2D!

For me, the selfie has died. I am no longer going to post random images of myself trying to entice people with my food shots, nor am I going to take pics of me having "just woken up". I will leave this sort of thing up to my 20 something counterparts, the ones who seem to live behind their computer and in front of the camera's lens. It's going to be Ol school for me from now, meeting people in the flesh, working out how I can get out of this "uncomfortable date" or maybe, just maybe, actually enjoying the face to face contact us "pre social media" kids were so fond of a few years back. 

Yep, I LIKE this one - Pun completely intended.